PlaneBall is a competitive team-based sport played through the online multiplayer game Altitude.  Fly five unique planes and select from a diverse set of unlockable perks such as Turbocharger and Repair Drone.

FREE for Windows, Mac, & Linux!

Play on Steam

A Steam version of the game is also available.  Earn up to 52 different achievements.

Ranked Ladder

Enjoy competitive gameplay on 4v4 or 6v6 ranked servers where teams are balanced by player ratings.

Map Editor

Design your own maps using the included map editor or play on hundreds of player created maps.

Server Hosting

Play on servers in US, Europe, Asia, and Oceania or host your own custom servers.

Well balanced plane selection, each serving a unique role in PlaneBall.

Ranked 4v4 Season 12

4v4 Season 14 started January 14.