PlaneBall is played through the free online multiplayer game Altitude.
Get Altitude through Steam or download the standalone versions for Windows, Mac, or Linux.


If you experience any issues and have a Discord account, please join the PlaneBall Discord server for help.  If you do not use Discord but have a Steam account you can visit the Altitude Tech Support discussion forum.

Steam or Standalone?

There are a few differences between the Steam and Standalone versions.


  • No need to create an Altitude account as it authenticates through Steam.
  • 52 Steam Achievements can be unlocked.
  • Not bundled with Server Launcher or Server Configurator (only needed if you will host your own servers).


  • You create an Altitude account after installing.  You can switch between different accounts if you create more than one.
  • Bundled with Server Launcher & Server Configurator

Be aware any Steam accounts can only be used through Steam and standalone accounts can’t be converted to Steam accounts. A lot of players have multiple accounts, but you do have to level up to unlock planes on each account.

If you play ranked PlaneBall you can link your accounts together so that your rating is shared amongst multiple accounts.


  • Operating System

    64 bit Windows, Linux, or OS X 10.5.8+

  • Processor

    1.0 Ghz

  • Memory

    256 MB

  • Hard Disk

    300 MB

  • Video Card

    64 MB